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I’m not so much travelling, although I can see how it might apply. I have a residence in the UK (Northern Ireland) and live in Ireland. So I was able to get my monzo card through my UK residence. However, I will be getting paid into my Bank of Ireland account in euros and living in Ireland on a day to day basis. I like the idea of using the monzo card but I’m afraid at this not being worthwhile.
Will I be losing out on money when I transfer money from my Irish account to Monzo and use it to pay for everyday items in Ireland? ie I want to pay in euros for a coffee using the monzo card but the currency on the monzo card will be gbp.

You might lose out but you might gain as well, depends on how the exchange rates fluctuate and what happens with brexit

Thanks. Okay, so that’s just like going on holidays and spending in a different currency. Other than that, will there be no costs between: Getting paid (EUR), transferring this pay to the Monzo Account (GBP I think?), and then paying for everyday items in Ireland (EUR). Eur->GBP->Eur ??


thanks for you help. I think I will give transferwise to monzo a go. Would be a lot easier if Monzo/ or a similar competitor just had a euro current account I could use!

Also, take a look at bunq.

With your Irish address you should be able to get N26

They have the go ahead in Ireland but as yet nothing.

Starling has a waiting list for euro accounts and monzo never seem to be too far behind…
I’d also be interested in testing Euro account when they get around to offering it, I have bother Monzo and Starling. I prefer Monzo and use it as my main account so seems ashame that they don’t offer it in Ireland yet…

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