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Have a Euro account doing the same as what monzo does with current accounts but allowing integration with SEPA payments and direct debits and have a different card for the Euro account which would work for people who deal with the Euro countries either traveling or day to day banking. At present many have to look to a country like Ireland to open accounts in euros so they can pay Euro to people and have direct debits etc it would work if there is a specific account that allows real exchange rate transfers between the current account and Euro account this will be an extra to monzo current account and an added bonus.


An current account with euro as its currency would be good it would make life easier and having a separate card would be good and to have it work on Apple Pay etc would be good anything to make life easier would help


Hi @wbrowngala112,

Although not the exact answer to your question, this highlights Monzo’s current position on the topic:

International transfers are coming very soon to Monzo, within the next 3 months. Until then if you require the ability to receive Euro’s into your GBP account they recommend you use www.transferwise.com

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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TransferWise costs a lot of money if you need your money in certain ways so it’s not as good as you expect and revolut is £6.99 monthly if you wanna avoid a lot of other costs and speed up things so you can see they all out to take from you and not provide something worthwhile and saving you money in long run

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We don’t yet know what Monzo’s offering will look like, or how much it will cost. If you need an account to receive non-Sterling money in the meantime, most other banks offer this service.

It’s a good idea. I don’t think Monzo will offer this, but Transferwise offer a free Borderless Account you might like to look into in the meantime.

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Virgin money tell me to send money you need £1000 min and they don’t offer good enough rates and legacy banks take money from you do not get what you want what I think and want is monzo to come up with solution with their own products or getting something that works with monzos way in market place to provide it

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Personally I can’t see Monzo offering a Euro account alongside out GBP accounts until they are ready to expand into Europe. Even in this scenario you’d have to pay to convert the Euro’s into £ unless you wish to spend the Euro’s as is.

As @Anarchist mentions Transferwise Boarderless Account will probably suit your requirements for now.

I would imagine a nice Marketplace integration will come in the future :sunny:

TransferWise not ideal when you go down the costings it’s expensive in some areas taking money out atm and bank transfer can cost you money


Starling Bank are hoping to launch an EUR account by the end of the year to be used alongside with a GBP one (I guess as they are preparing to launch in Europe). You might want to take a look at them.

I believe Monzo decided to expand in the US instead so I’d assume USD accounts are more likely than EUR at this point.



Starling said no to me when I tried to open an account so their loss

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Are there any plans for an EURO account and disposable cards, it’d be amazing!

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agree 100%

if I open starling account then would be pointless to have Monzo as I can do everything on starling account

Does Monzo have any plans to integrate a Euro Account into their app? I live in Northern Ireland and this option would be amazing when I travel down south…

Do you work in the Republic? With near perfect exchange rates does Monzo not work for spending?

I do not work in the republic, however as the exchange rates continuously fluctuates and with the unknown changes that will come from Brexit - it would be of an advantage to have a euro account. This would allow me to exchange money when the rate is good… there has been many occasions when the rate hasn’t been great when travelling down south - therefore a euro account would help!

How do you know it’s good? There is as much likelihood of it being even better on the day you spend than it is of being worse.