Money transfer from Bank of Ireland to Monzo

My situation:

  • I’m an international student living in the UK.
  • I recently opened Monzo bank account.
  • I used Bank of Ireland account for the past 10 months in the UK.
  • I want to transfer money from Bank of Ireland to Monzo.

My question:
What percentage of money would I lose when I transfer money from Bank of Ireland to Monzo?

Assuming you hold Euros with BoI just use Transferwise, they’ll let you know the cost upfront.

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How do they know how much is going to be transferred?
Isn’t the loss of money affected by the bank sending the money as well as the bank receiving?
For example, if I send 1000 pound from BOI to Monzo and HSBC, would I lose same amount of money?

This is a uk bank of Ireland in sterling?

That’s free as there’s no currency conversion

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No, neither HSBC nor Monzo as receiving banks would have any effect on this

The currency conversion (plus any fees for sending) is the sole difference

That conversion puts it into Sterling and Monzo would accept that as per normal

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