Live Streaming options?

Hey everyone,

I am getting legally married this weekend and wanted to live stream the event at the registrar so some family and friends abroad can witness it. I’ve explored a few options and one thing I want to avoid is Facebook live by all means. I believe you need to have people as Facebook friends in order to live stream and i don’t think you can send a public link for people to stream?

  • Zoom - A bit cumbersom for some of our older families to try and install it and so on. But this is the last resort

  • Youtube - Found out that you need to have 50 subscribers to be able to YouTube live stream from a mobile device. It’s free if you want to do it using a laptop. Now I am thinking if i should use the new iPhone Contuity camera from my Macbook and use that but that means

  1. I will need to get a stand to prop up the macbook - £35
  2. I will need to get a clip that will hold my iPhone to the macbook - another £35

Anyone know of any other platforms or options to safely stream? YouTube was favourable since i can just send one link and less installation etc and easier for everyone to understand

Could the game streaming sites work like twitch? Not sure if you can make the url hidden, but might be worth looking into.

Also, congratulations for the weekend!

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Thank youu!

Never gamed in my life but i did have a look but not sure if this would be the best option as one of the main things was to record the zoom or youtube (it gets saved to my youtube channel automatically)

Have you asked the registry office? I know that mine offered this as an add-on service. And if they don’t, they might be able to point you to some services which others have used?

I’ve reached out to them and they don’t offer it. They were happy for me to set something up in the registrary as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the proceedings

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If you make your instagram profile public and go live there, would that work?

Personally I’ve deactivated FB + Instagram for more than a year now. My partner still has them but the thing is like our grandparents aren’t on social media like Instagram. Not keen on streaming a private event on the Zuckerberg platforms tbh. With Youtube you can create a private link and share that whereas with IG you have to be fully public and on FB live you will need people’s email address as you can’t share a link

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Another out of the box idea.

Whatsapp has a link to join a video call that might work as well? Not sure on the recording aspect of that, but would be very easy I think for a relative to join.

FaceTime also offers the same

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Google Meet is also another option? You create a video meeting and then share the link to join?

Yeah looked into that and now they’ve made it Enterprise only to be able to do that sadly

Yeah if not for the recording I would have gone with this and would have been the most straightforward one as well. I am currently rallying friends and family to up my subscriber numbers on YouTube :rofl:

From a quick google continuity cam works as far as 40 feet away from a mac so you should only need a phone tripod and you can place the Mac on a table etc

The exact tripods I have aren’t available on Amazon anymore but this one looks almost identical

I would use YouTube live personally.


Might be worth seeing if any wedding video companies can help out instead of trying to do it entirely by yourself. Quick Google throws up this, for example:

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FaceTime allows a generic web link to be created. Not sure if it allows people to just watch or not. But might be an option.

I might take a look at this or whatsapp even. I got the required 50 subscribers for YouTube now but they are still not allowing me to live stream on an iPhone sadly :frowning: not sure how long they take to enable it but worst case will have to be one of the other options

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It says up to 24 hours , once you’ve gone through the verify your channel stage.

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i’ve already done this, as I can start a live stream on my laptop. It’s for phone/tablet that they require at least 50 subscribers but sadly not allowing me to even after getting more than 50. Will give it 24 hours and try it to see if it works


Congratulations in advance! :tada:

There are limitations to all the usual suspects in either time (Zoom free is only 40 mins) or features. Out of everything, Google Meet if you are a Google One customer is probably the best with most of the what-you-want-options available: