List transactions not working in Developer playground

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to list my transactions in the developer playground but I keep getting the error:

“code”: “forbidden.verification_required”,
“message”: “Verification required”,

All other requests from the playground work so I know I’m already authorised but this one consistently fails. Any advice on this?


This is the example of a transaction object according to the Monzo docs

    "type": "transaction.created",
    "data": {
        "account_id": "acc_00008gju41AHyfLUzBUk8A",
        "amount": -350,
        "created": "2015-09-04T14:28:40Z",
        "currency": "GBP",
        "description": "Ozone Coffee Roasters",
        "id": "tx_00008zjky19HyFLAzlUk7t",
        "category": "eating_out",
        "is_load": false,
        "settled": "2015-09-05T14:28:40Z",
        "merchant": {
            "address": {
                "address": "98 Southgate Road",
                "city": "London",
                "country": "GB",
                "latitude": 51.54151,
                "longitude": -0.08482400000002599,
                "postcode": "N1 3JD",
                "region": "Greater London"
            "created": "2015-08-22T12:20:18Z",
            "group_id": "grp_00008zIcpbBOaAr7TTP3sv",
            "id": "merch_00008zIcpbAKe8shBxXUtl",
            "logo": "",
            "emoji": "🍞",
            "name": "The De Beauvoir Deli Co.",
            "category": "eating_out"

Can anyone tell me which of the fields would be shown in the feed? Would it be the toplevel description or ?

Just checking: have you approved access to your data from within the Monzo app? You should have a notification in your feed asking you to do this that is generated when you do the oauth stuff.

Yeah I already had. Other requests from the playground worked, only that one failed.
I came back a couple days later and it started working so i’m guessing there was an internal issue