List of payees (amount of) bug?

OK, so I click on a card payee e.g. McDonalds and it tells me there have been 16 transactions, when I click onto that message line I see all the 16 transactions listed which os useful.

I now click on my Company salary payment and it says that there have been three payments, when I click onto that message line, it only shows me one (the last) payment. This is the same for DD’s - it tells me there has been X number of transactions, but only shows the last one.

Is this right, or a bug?

I’ve seen that on DDs too. I think something’s broken.

My expectation is that DD filtering ought to work in the same way as any other merchant.

Yes DD’s and Payees - if you click a DD payee and it says there have been three transactions, it only shows the last one if you click onto it. I think it is keeping it to the last month.

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