[Android] All PayPal Payments Appearing from PayPal Credit DD

If I click on my PayPal Credit monthly direct debit in my feed, scroll down to the “Number of Payments” and click on that to see the historic direct debit payments I get other feed items appearing that aren’t just that PayPal Credit DD.

EDIT: added some extra screenshots. First is the screen when I click on the payment in my transaction feed, second screenshot is the “Number of Payments” I’m clicking on after scrolling down from the first screenshot. The last screenshot is the result.

I’m expecting to just see the 4 DD repayments for this PayPal DD, but instead am getting some other transaction feed items in there.

OS: Android
Device: LG G6
App Version: 2.31.1



Were those payments made via PayPal?

Payments made via PayPal have “PayPal” included in the transaction ID (visible on the transaction details screen) and therefore will show up in a search for “PayPal”

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It’s a PayPal credit DD that comes out monthly.

I’ve added a couple of screenshots to show the user flow and an explanation above on how to get there.

From what I have observed in the app, tapping “Number of payments” seems to simply do a search for transactions at that merchant.

Therefore anything that has been paid for via PayPal will also show up when you tap through from a PayPal credit direct debit transaction.

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Which is surely a bug?

Uber and that World of Books payment are ones that I’ve paid for via PayPal (the latter being through eBay).

But in terms of UX, if i’m seeing “Number of Payments” = 4 from a direct debit, I expect to only see those 4 direct debits payments when I click on it.


Not necessarily a bug, but yes definitely not great UX.

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