List Historic Direct Debit

I have just cancelled a direct debit. However, as far as I can see, there is no function to see historic direct debits (when it was cancelled, what payments were made etc).

Maybe there is some way to get to this info, but if there is, its not very obvious.

I would find it convenient to be able to look back at historic direct debits, something built into the Scheduled Payments tab. I couldn’t find a similar suggestion to this when I searched but if there is could someone point me in that direction so I can vote for it.


isn’t that shown on your statements?

This is a feature I have on my HSBC online portal which has of (rare) occasion been really helpful.
Shows the list of direct debits, the date of the last payment.

For me I would also love to see how it was ended (cancelled by me, cancelled by company, etc) but that is a nice to have.

Saves a lot of scrolling through statements to find old companies and payments.

There are several ways you can achieve this:

  • As above, use statements - export your transactions and filter them.
  • Search for the company name in app and it will pull up every payment
  • Tap into a payment, scroll to the bottom and it will tell you how many payments you’ve made in total.Tap this and it will bring up a list too. This includes when it was setup, cancelled and every date and amount paid.