Payment links into pots

I’d like the ability for payment links to automatically send the money to a specified pot. For example I’m collecting money for a leaving gift for a work colleague and I want all donations to go into a “Present for Barry” pot to keep it separate from my personal money.

If you search this has been covered multiple times.

Pots aren’t accounts so this can’t/won’t happen.

I’m not sure the former implies the latter. :thinking:


It does with Monzo!

A huge rework and it might happen, but I find that incredibly unlikely.

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Oooo we discussed this somewhere recently! I’d love this sort of thing!

I don’t think it would be huge per se. It could in theory be possible with a fairly simple rules-based implementation. Like the ideas discussed here:

People get confused with manually transferring money between pots and the feeds information as it is now.

Can you imagine what monstrosities would happen with convoluted rules people would create and possible infinite loops. Then trying to pick those apart to see what happened and where their money has landed :sweat_smile:

This is why I agree with @Revels. It’s not just a case of creating a simple rule system or even a direct deposit. It would need all sorts of case scenarios mapping out and a host of limitations put in place.

That’s just one piece of the puzzle though. Everything about the pot transfer process would also need re-thinking and improving. Things like grouping of similar feed items, more informative feed notifications and all the other elements it touches.


Are we still allowed to just dismiss your opinions as rude when we disagree with them? :rofl:

I’m not one for a whole set of rules based stuff, though I know people do like that!

But using reference tags as a means to direct money to a specific pot seems pretty straightforward to me! And pots have their own feeds now, so I would imagine the deposit would just pop up on that feed. Doesn’t sound like it would be confusing to me! Then again, I’m biased because it’s something I want.

Pots as they are is still not a banking paradigm I’m sold on, as much as they get the job done. But pots how I imagine they could be in the future, is one I could get behind! I’m thinking actual account functionality without the rigidity that comes with being an actual discrete account.

This would be one such functionality I’d hope for, and to me, seems like something that would be simple to implement on the scale of a hobby project, how roundups started. Assign a pot a tag, when an incoming transfer has that tag in the reference, it just goes straight to that pot, no need to flow through the main feed at all.

I think this just needs doing in general tbh. The processes, the interface, the way they work. I think it all would benefit from a large overhaul. Because all their functionality they’ve gained over the years is still inherently reliant on a UI that was never designed for it. Which is a pretty big miss for given how large a focus they are in Monzo’s mission of making money work for everyone.


I was literally just thinking of adding the ability to set a pot as the destination here. It could then just be another variable in the URL generated.

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Is Barry getting a hoodie as a :gift: ?: