Balancing/Linking transactions for which you have received payment in return

For example;

You purchase something for a friend (tickets, food/drink, drunken taxi home when you have had one too many) for lets say £62.38 for which he/she proceeds to transfer you the exact amount back. Having an option to link these transactions together and/or keep them seperate from your spending so you don’t get an inaccurate reflection of your monthly spending.

Whilst you may have technically spent £62.38 on a single transaction, it was because you knew you would be receiving the exact amount back from an outside transfer from a friend, thus cancelling out the transaction.


An often requested feature, which I fully agree with :slight_smile:

Oops, i searched as hard as i could and didn’t see anything. And heres me thinking i’ve had a brainwave

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It gets called different things so hard to search for with keywords, but places like here:


I think similarly this is where shared pots could play a part, the said pot could in theory become the group kitty whereby everyone puts in 50 quid and at the end of the night there is no fights or fall out over where the kitty money has gone, it would all be there in black and white. To really top this feature of though it would need some smart method like category allocation to allow the bar tab to be paid out of the kitty pot. :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s a little of topic but nearly almost kinda related… :wink:

There has been talk that using the “split cost” option would then reduce the amount shown in spending by linking the funds when it is paid back. Something planned for the future.

Outside of this feature, I could imagine things getting very messy however, and would rely on splitting with

I was just writing a post about this myself!! I think this would be a great idea, although when reading this comment

the money i receive and i allocate it to a category (not general) that it deducts from my spending on the main home page and on the analysis tab.

I did change the category for the money I had received and my spending summary was then correct!

Same feature needed. Very helpful when paying for something knowing a friend will subsequently make a “credit” towards it.