Link Monzo card to PayPal


Hi guys

I was just wondering if it’s possible to link your Monzo card to PayPal to purchase items from eBay etc

(Eleanor Walker) #2

Absolutely. I’ve linked both my prepaid and debit cards to Paypal no problem.

(Simon B) #3

Certainly is!

However, with the prepaid card, it cannot be the only source of funds on the PayPal account. PayPal will require there to be a current account connected as well.


I can also confirm both the preview current account card and the current account itself (via sort code/account number) works just fine.

(Hugh) #5

And if you try and send funds to someone you’ll be hit by a card charge: PayPal Prepaid Fees


When you say current account do you mean with Monzo or your own normal bank? Thanks for the help guys

(Hugh) #7

We mean with Monzo, because why would you want a Current Account anywhere else :stuck_out_tongue:

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