Energy saving bulbs - lack of progress in efficiency?

Trying to get some new bulbs for the house and realised the ratings were updated in 2021.

Two years on and nearly every bulb is still sold E/F/G

I can spot an expensive Crompton giving 470lm with 2.2W but that’s about it with a bayonet fitting.

Essentially we need 1100lm with 5.2W or 800lm with 3.8W to hit the A rating now.

Do we not have the technology for higher lumens at lower watts at the moment?


I’d argue that they’re already incredibly efficient and anything better would need a shift away from LED to some sort of other tech.

I picked up a new smart bulb from IKEA yesterday. According to the sums on the back it would need to be on continuously for an entire week to use 1 kWh of electricity. It’s only rated D (806lm, 5.9 W).

At the standard rate that’s less than 4p a day.


Looks like filament ones seem to be that new technology.

Frustratingly in ES but these seem to be them.

Found this on a Google image search so they must exist in bayonet form.

Crompton do this bayonet but only in warm and low lumen. Might drop them an email.

The whole house is bayonet :sob:

Looks like OSRAM is winning with their voodoo.

211.25 to 210 lumens per Watt

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I use these: KOPPLA B22 to E27 bulb converter - IKEA


they do exist but they’re expensive, you need to search for the philips ultra efficient range gu10 bulbs.