Philips Hue Lights 💡

Looks like there’s loads of new Hue lights coming!

Anyone going to pick up any of these?

I like the look of the Ascend table light!


Kinda extreme pricing though… £180 for a lamp? They’re £8 in argos. That’s a heck of a premium for remote control.

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I was hoping they’d start making the price points a bit more realistic. Looks like they’ve gone the other way :confused:


I’ve never seen the attraction of remote control or multi-colour so I struggle with the whole concept.

Also, I’ve put LED bulbs in at home to save some money on the power bill. At those prices the savings wouldn’t get anywhere near covering the costs of the fitting, let alone actually saving anything!


For me, it’s more about timers and shades of white. They fade on as I need to wake up, turn off as I leave the house, can be relaxing in the evening before dimming off as it gets closer to bedtime. If I need to stay awake, they can turn a blueish white, in case of fire they’ll flash yellow/red, if I’m gaming or watching a movie there is now a light syncing app.

It does make it awkward for guests when they use the classic switches, but it’s not unworkable.

But I’d probably just buy a normal lamp and fit it with a bulb, these lamps are a bit premium.

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I’ve found the Hue Dimmer switch (that can be had fairly cheap on sale) on the key lights in the house works great for this!

Yep, agree with this!

@garete and @Rika - Whilst this isn’t the most beautiful solution, it’s the cheapest and easiest way I’ve found (short of getting an electrician to re do the whole house).

It’s just a 3D printed mould to go over an existing light switch.



Even more new Hue stuff! These look awesome.

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I looked at these, but the Hue sync app is only available for windows or Mac. I bought Nanoleaf which compliments the Hue Go perfectly with its dynamic lighting that syncs with sound!

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I would love a Nanoleaf set! I have a Hue Go and a bunch of regular Hue bulbs at the moment.

ooh, shiny! :bulb: