LG Watch W7

So here’s LG’s latest and it’s quite bizarre… It’s a Wear OS watch that for some reason also has mechanical hands …

What’s worse though : no heart rate monitor, no NFC and it’s still running the old Snapdragon 2100 chip.

Hard pass from me.

So it’s a watch with a screen back panel, it’s a no from me ha

One of Amazon launchpads biggest sellers was a smart watch with mechanical hands, I reckon they copied that

Very bad design and choice.

I always wanted a Moto 360 watch when I was on android but never jumped into smartwatches. It seems android smartwatches haven’t changed all that much? I think other than the apple watch (which I don’t own) the smartwatch market has stagnated a little. Fitbit was huge for a while but even that seems to have died down a bit now

That’s one ugly watch. I really dislike smart watches that try to imitate an analogue watch. They seem to end up doing both things poorly.

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