Huawei Watch GT

Here we go… One of the first new WearOS devices rocking the new Snapdragon 3100 chip :grinning:

Anyone gonna pick this one up? New chip, large battery, and decent rumoured price defo makes this one to keep an eye on.

Not a fan of outer dials but it looks quite thin which makes up for it.

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Shame not more like the original HW1 that was a nice watch.

I like it. I’m in the market for a new smartwatch and will keep a close eye on this.

Still got the Pebble time that I thought I would keep forever but I have to admit, compared to other watches, it is a bit behind the times now.

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oooh, that’s a nice looking watch. I have the original Huawei watch which I picked up at launch and at that price tag I could be tempted with a new one. I like the fact the Huawei watches look like a watch unlike a lot of other smartwatches.