Lessons from my first year at Monzo 🎓 🎉

Hey! :wave: I’m a Lead Researcher at Monzo, and today is my one year Monzoversary! :tada:

Here are my reflections on asking ‘stupid’ questions, how to develop (and maintain!) a growth mindset, and what true collaboration looks like.

I’d love to chat - thread your posts and questions below :hugs:


Great article to read and what a cool journey to Monzo.

I’ll start with the most likely to be asked question. Does your work touch on operations or app design?

Because if it’s the former, I’d love to know what Monzo’s plan for CS improvement is, it’s the Achilles heel for an otherwise decent product which looks like it takes feedback and research onboard.

Also some other details on methods of research, how much data and human factors play a part.

Huge UX geek, love to see stuff like this.


Fascinating read but… It’s “a LEGO brick” and “many LEGO bricks”.

Never LEGOs or Legos.


Solid learning lessons. Trying to re-build my “emotional reserve” so to speak in my own work-related headspace. Hadn’t heard of REBT before, but it makes sense.

Any learning lessons about Monzo Wealth you want to share too :eyes:


“Give away your LEGO” is such a useful concept for contextualising both empowering your team / colleagues and also generally delagating. Going to steal that one myself.

I really enjoyed this reflection after 1 year in an organisation - says a lot about both how monzo Operates, and how you step into the role and organise yourself to be the best version of yourself to deliver what the business asks of you.

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts :blush:

@JIMMWX I only work on Savings and related products, so I don’t have customer support experience updates but there are improvements in the works!

@Theodore Ooh, good sleuthing! We’ll soon have updates to share :wink:


This is, I think, an Americanism.

Shudder… :joy:

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Frauding us with their Legos.


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