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Hi folks, I’m back!

I thoroughly enjoyed our convo about technical writing and documentation recently, but today, I’m here to chat to you about another part of my role: blogging.

In the last year or so we’ve had more Monzonauts putting pen to paper (hands to keyboard? :thinking:) to write about what they’ve been up to and what it’s like to work here. You might have seen posts like:

But we really want to know what you want to find out more about. Want to hear more about how we scale 2000+ microservices, how we build our data models, support thousands of Monzonauts across the globe, what our user research or design processes look like? What aren’t we talking about that you want to hear?

Pop an idea or a request in this thread and one of our blog editing team will see what we can do to make it happen :purple_heart:


Product development (e.g Flex, Trends) and Monzo’s evolving approach to design & rollout as it matures


I’d like to request a few things!

  • Failed ideas, experiments or products. One for the bold, but I think there’s power in being open about products, features or ideas you’ve had that just didn’t work out. An example of something that you loved as a firm but had to go would be empowering!
  • Monzo’s changed development approach from public MVPs to more polished products. What went wrong? How does the process work now?
  • Business Updates Crowdfunding was excellent, but it blurred the line between customers and shareholders. It would be good to have occasional blogs from the C Suite on how the business is performing. Or just their views on how banking is evolving given whatever the latest crisis is.
  • Business Strategy. We still haven’t really heard from TS. I’ve heard him reported as saying the strategy hasn’t changed. But what does that mean? What’s important to him? Does he have an X year plan for the company? I’d love to hear about him, what makes him tick and his high level objectives.
  • An experiment retro. Because we’re geeks, we often end up spotting when you’re doing A/B testing. It’d be good to take an old experiment and run through what you were testing for, how you went about it, what the results were, how you evaluated it and what came next.
  • How you roll out features. This has been much discussed with the multiday rollout of New Pulse in Trends, but something we can point to that explains how and why you do a staged roll out would be fab.
  • Design Vision. What might Monzo look like in 10 years? What tech changes are you expecting and how are you preparing for it?
  • Monzo US Vs UK. What have you learnt from going over the pond? How have the two teams worked together? What is shared, where do things diverge? How have both markets helped influence the other?
  • Topical issues. What are you doing to support Ukrainian refugees? Help with cost of living? Etc etc

Thanks so much for asking :pray:.


Recruitment. How/what/who/why do people end up at Monzo.




Would love to hear about your process from making changes, deploying those to production (both backend and with the app)


Small projects started by a staff member that’s now officially or unofficially part of Monzo, could be a web tool, slack bot or something physical.


Hey! I’m Matt, a Product Manager at Monzo - you might just be in luck, we’ll be sharing one on Flex soon, keep your eyes peeled!


Some great ideas here, thank you for sharing!


One coming very soon on exactly this! Keep your eyes peeled!


I’d love to hear more about the story of Flex.

Where did it start from (making money?) then options for lending, potential credit card pilots you did that didn’t work, how you settled on BNPL, then how you built it out in the app etc.


I, for one, would love to see one from @AlanDoe about his experiences working across both COps and Marketing (and who his favourite member of the Content team is)


I’d love to see one about card design! The journey a new design takes from a napkin sketch all the way to being printed and sent off to customers!


Gotta be the Professor, right?

:moneybag: :bank: :disguised_face:

It’s me, soz.


Ooh we have lots of these. Thank you for the suggestion :bulb:


Thank you for the suggestion! We published this post a few weeks back on some of the process behind deployments. There’s lots we could talk about here so leave it with us :pray:


Doh - so you did! :see_no_evil:

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We got a great in-depth blog about the movement to your own fully in-house payment processor not too long before the pandemic, but the recent move to bring BACS in-house has gone rather unnoted (a good thing in a way!) and unheralded. That deserves some moment in the :sun_with_face: