Monzo Premium & Left to Spend

Hi there.

I signed up for Monzo Premium on the 1st of the month in November. I done this intentionally so that the payment would leave my account on the 1st of the month (as all of my other scheduled payments do) so that I know that the balance in my account from then onwards is ‘my money’ and nothing is tied up waiting to go out.

Before I signed up for premium, my left to spend always matched the account balance as everything left on the 1st. Now I have premium and it’s paid on the 1st, my left to spend throughout the month is always £15 less than my actual balance.

Now I’ve been on live support over the past month and no one understands my issue. I’ve tried tweaking the date range, I’ve sent them screenshots of my scheduled payments and no one has a clue. Just to answer what I guess will be one of the first questions… yes, Monzo premium is the only payment I make for £15 so the left to spend being £15 less is 10000% down to premium.

Is anyone else having this issue / can anyone help?!

Thanks in advance :blush:

You have checked “Remove from summary” perchance?

It’s not a scheduled payment is it? Plus isn’t for me.

If you go to Payments > Schedule, is Premium on there?

Yep tried all of that and nothing works!

Nope it’s not a scheduled payment. To be fair I think it would be easier / fixable if it was!