Left to spend including round ups

When I spend I would like the round ups to be included in left to spend.
Say I have £100 left to spend this week in budget
Then I buy something for £4.50
My left to spend shows £95.50 left but it should be showing £95 as 50p was transferred to round ups pot

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I think the point of Round Ups is that you silently, imperceptibly squirrel away savings. If you’d like to be able to still spend that money, switch off Round Ups?

but if I have say only £100 to physically spend in one week then even though little bits are being put away for round ups I still need to know how much is left to spend for the week.
There should be an option to turn this feature on or off as u

You’ve said it there. “Little bits being put away”

You’re putting them to one side so you don’t spend them - it’s micro saving. And this is what the feature was intended for.

If you want to spend your roundups then don’t round up your purchases!

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I misunderstood the OP

The round ups don’t come off the left to spend total so that’s not reducing. They want the round ups to be deducted

Which they should be really

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Ohhh I see - my bad.

Still a bit of a grey area because you’ve not spent the money…

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Yeah, but also no

You’ve not spent it but you’ve moved it from your main account

Best solution would be a round up category in the summary


Yeah, but also no

Because it’s still available to spend even if it is in a pot :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Pots seem to be moving towards mini spending accounts, after all, now you can spend directly from them.

I can see it from both sides :laughing:

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It’s not available to spend, so that’s what left to spend should show.

Left to spend really needs a lot of work now. It was great to start with but with so many other extras, it confuses itself.

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