Is there a way when you round up coin jar to make it look like you spent it already in summary?

(Daniel Kearney) #1

Basically. What I think would be handy for me is, say when you spend £1.85 in Tesco, it rounds up to £2 and 15p goes to coin jar. But in “Summary” it still comes up as having spent £1.85. I think it Summary showed it as if you spent £2 then it would help the coin jar behave more like a hidden pot of surprise money. Like when you find a fiver in a jacket you haven’t worn for months.

(Andy) #2

You haven’t spent it though it’s just been moved in to a pot which is down the bottom of summary. If you were to include it in spent money then when you do go to spend it it will appear there again so your summary wouldn’t really be accurate

(MikeF) #3

Summary accounts for it in the Pots section so it disappears from the remaining total. In that sense, it’s already accounted for there.

Is that what you mean, or were you after something more stealthy?

(Daniel Kearney) #4

Good point. Yeah it would show as spent twice.

Perhaps I need to remove the rounding up feature altogether, since I’m on a tight budget and all that money getting rounded up is money I’ll need at some point anyway