"Left to spend" amount

I’m sure there’s an easy answer to this: why is the left to spend amount lower than my account balance?

On the Summary screen? You probably have some items listed under the Commited Spending section I expect? These get deducted to give the Left to Spend amount.

That’s what I assumed. But I only have £7 of committed spending still due this month, but left to spend is £200 less than account balance.

Do you have a budget set up?

Or any scheduled payments for (approx) £200 that are due to happen after today, but before the end date of your Summary Period?

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I do have a total monthly budget and category budgets.

Nope, just one £7 payment due.

Then your “Left to Spend” figure is based on what’s left of the figure you’ve set as your budget, not your account balance.


Ahhhh :see_no_evil: thank you!

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