Left Over amount skewed by Committed Spending

I look at my Summary page and it correctly states that, after Committed Spending, I have £X amount ‘Left to spend’.

i.e. Balance - Committed Spending = Left to Spend

However, it seems to grossly overestimate how much money I will have ‘left over’ at the end of the month, possibly because Committed Spending is again included in the calculation.

An example:

Spending (by mid-month) = £500
Committed Spending (for the whole month) = £1000

From this, Monzo seems to calculate a £1500 spend for the rest of the month rather than £500.

Surely, once Committed Spending has been factored in, it no longer needs to be considered.

Is this how it works? Is there a way around this to ensure a more accurate ‘left over’ amount?


Have you checked the transactions not included correctly are marked as repeating payment and possibly exclude from summary if relevant?

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Yes, it’s not accurate at all. Neither is it intuitive. It doesn’t take into account pay day either.

Seems like there is no AI behind it or machine learning needs tweaking.

Everything in Committed Spending is a scheduled payment (DD or standing order) and I don’t think there’s a way to manually flag these as recurring payments beyond that.

“Left Over” is just what’s left to spend isn’t it? I turned this off a while ago so can’t remember exactly, but for the sake of round numbers.

£1,000 in your account for that period
£250 bills committed

So on day 1, you’ve got £750 “left over/left to spend”

If two weeks later you’ve spent £50, then you’ll have £700 left to spend.

Is this not what you’re seeing?

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Yes, but that’s not the problem. It’s the prediction of what will be left over at the end of the month that seems wrong.

It’s always been right give or take a few pounds for me. I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with how it works, but it does assume you’re paid monthly and that bills recur monthly, so some things like amazon are wrong (prime is a monthly bill but can’t be put in committed spend because all the other stuff you buy then gets lumped in as well).

But isn’t that based on your spending trajectory?

If you’re spending more than the average “Looks like you’ll run out of money” and if you’re spending less than “This left over”?

You can turn the ‘left to spend’ calculator off if you like.

I guess you’re mentioning it because you’d like it fixing or an explanation on how it works, but thought I’d throw this other option out there for you too :slight_smile:

It’ll be repeating spending that you’ve not allocated correctly.

Head to payments and scheduled, are all your payments showing in there as they should?

You can sort these by tapping on said transactions and making sure it’s swiped to on.

Thanks Carl.

Those under “Subscriptions & Direct Debits” have a ‘Repeating payment’ option which is toggled on.

The problem may lie with those under “Scheduled & Standing Orders” where the same option isn’t available. This includes money going into Pots and to other personal accounts.