Launching the Monzo Shop!


and Drummonds had lovely blue leather cheque book holders

(Alex Sherwood) #27

(James Cook ) #28

Would be awesome if investors could get a discount :wink:

(Alex Sherwood) #29


Would be great to see this used as an incident to signed up friends with Monzo

e.g. if 10 of your friends recommended to join monzo sign up you get a t-shirt!

(abdulmajeed alanazi) #31

I like Monzo’s working clothes. Why not sell Monzo clothes and accessories at a special online store

(Dan) #32 :tada:

(abdulmajeed alanazi) #33

thankkkkkkk you :عيون القلب:


I did not realise this was a thing. Definitely need the shop to be better advertised and some more options. A Monzo baseball cap or beanie would be great! All the Monzo swag!

(Matthew Jones) #35

I’d really like a mug if possible :man_shrugging:t2:

(Jack) #36

A mug would be :sunglasses:

(Tim Chambers) #37

Like @anon69333708, I didn’t know this was a thing.
I may have just ordered one of the tees :eyes::tshirt:

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #38

Which one did you possibly order? :thinking:

(Jack) #39

@Rat_au_van Do the hot coral crew get an exclusive hot coral logo edition? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Tim Chambers) #40

Woo-o-oh, I’ve got a rocket. :rocket: :rofl:

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #41

Not so far :grin:

(Tim Chambers) #42

Ordered yesterday, arrived today. Amazing. :heart_eyes::rocket:

(Aled) #43

Would love to order but as a larger guy they don’t have my size :tired_face:

(Charlie Kelly) #44

:monzo: Stickers please!
Or mugs.

(Micky) #45

No Monzo boxers yet? c’mon!