Launching new side project to find startup names - need your support

:wave: Hey folks, it’s been a minute!

After our experience with Monzo, where we had a trademark dispute and had to rename the company, I’ve always been a fan of picking pseudowords as company names - words that are easy to say, sound like real words but aren’t (like Nustom)

Today we’re launching a little side project to help people pick such names, and could really use your support. Check it out on Garple - short, memorable, easy to say domain names | Product Hunt and engage/comment/share the love

At the very least I can promise the most unhinged launch video you’ve ever seen :smiley: And for reasons we’ll soon reveal, the collateral for the launch is AI generated :smiley:


At first I thought this was cool.

But now I can see you’ve gone and gobbled up tons of short, unique, and inventive .coms to sell on at a hefty premium. These are already hard enough to come by. Don’t be greedy. Not a fan. Demonstrates the very worst of capitalism.


Hi there stranger!

This feels like a big list of domains you’ll make good commission on selling.

Have you bought these and put a few zeros on the end of the prices?! The few I searched for elsewhere I can’t seem to buy. = Selling at $600. I searched for and that is £9.60 with SquareSpace. This is a very expensive way to pick a name and as I’ve just demonstrated, I can find a very similar one for a 98% discount.

When I thought this was going to be commission, I expected to be able to search/find my own. Can I look for a short domain <6 chars? Can I look for something that sounds like Revels? Can I find something that starts with an R because that’s the logo I like? (I realise it’s in alphabetical order) but what about ending character? No option to sort by cost either. Then there’s some clever magic to say is available, so is and so is

Not a big fan :frowning: This seems like the sort of idea you’d expect a teenager to come up with, not someone with your expertise!


Not often that I type out more and that @N26throwaway beats me to it with a more succinct post!


I don’t know what my new fancy company is but I certainly have a name

Also if Garple is buying all these up - it’s 9 months in the making:


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They are.

Completely terrible business idea and just seems unethical really. Buying up domains so other people have to pay even more money for them? Absolutely shocking really.


I have to agree! Sorry to say I am not a fan either - the name Garple doesn’t really roll off of my tongue either, it feels a bit claggy.


It’s also way too similar to “garble”, which no business would want to associate themselves with:

garble: reproduce (a message, sound, or transmission) in a confused and distorted way

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Exactly, which is what I had initially written in my post and I then had to correct myself!

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I also had to check that I hadn’t got the two words muddled up! Even ignoring the costs of the domains, some of the names are pretty rubbish

They Garpled up those domains!


Oh shoot, is taken…



Let me know if you’re interested and I can buy it and add my fee.


I’m surprised Monzo hasn’t bought that domain to prevent scams.


If any one wants any of these domains, let me know.


I’ll take Trangle please.

#9 will sound dodgy. R-

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What about mumzo - a bank exclusively for mums.


Don’t forget the associated community forum for it - Mumznet

If I’m ever having a bad day, a quick visit to an alternative version of the above always brings back the LOLZ

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