An Update on our Name Change


Lucky you! You now have a super-special limited edition card.

Great spin on the issue :wink:


Lucky i have super special limited edition card invester one :grinning:

Do you plan to publish the list of suggested names?

Great question! I should have included the answer in the post - yes, we will publish the top suggestions (probably not all 4,500), but only once we’ve registered the trade mark and announced the new name.

It’s a really interesting list!

That’ll be cool to see.

Having recently joined Mondo or should I say M???, I can’t wait to see what it’ll change to and the short list.

would be interesting to see common/duplicate names suggested too!

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Yes, like a league table!

I suggested Mo’ Money, I can’t see there being any other choice :grinning:

But then you end up with mo’ problems…

A quick update… we’re still working with our team of lawyers on getting a final shortlist that everyone is comfortable with.

It’s taking a bit longer than we thought it would, but the good news is that putting in the effort now should mean that we spend less time on issues later :slight_smile:

It might be another couple of weeks before we’re ready to announce. We’ll keep you up-to-date :+1:


I submitted a name but was a bit disappointed there was no option to provide an explanation. The name I submitted might have been completely overlooked if nobody understood the reference

Good point, yes :slight_smile: The way we see it is that when we launch the name it needs to ‘stand on its own two feet’ as it were, so it needs to be good enough without the explanation.


Looking forward to the announcement, the suspense is killing me! Worth the wait I’m sure :smiley:

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Hi @bailey, are you any closer to an announcement?


Hey Jon! We’re moving forward with a couple of name choices, and hope to have an announcement within a few weeks. It’s now down to the legal process around trademarking… which is taking longer than anticipated :grin:


Thanks for the update @Bailey :smiley:

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Just received two one pulse surveys for a new bank beginning with M. I shan’t reveal the names but I much preferred one over the other however not completely sold on either!

I can’t believe there’s so many banks renaming to M…! :wink:

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