Latest SCAM nonsense

As Victor would say “I don’t believe it” - and nor would anyone else. Received at 15:12. R-

Looks so legit, I hope you put your card number in to be sure you didn’t miss out. :eyes:

Also, can clearly see your email address so may need to alter/crop :worried:

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@RogerB I’ve deleted the image as you can see your email, feel free to re upload once you’ve blanked it out!


I had blanked it out I thought. Sorry, will have another go. R-

Do you have alerts set up for the word “fraud” or “SCAM” on here? :eyes: you reply very quick to all scam/security issue posts

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It’s done. R-

Seems legit

Ha no, I’m just on maternity leave and have nothing better to do than check this forum from time to time :joy: