Latest Amazon Alexa / Echo devices

Yesterday Amazon announced their new lineup of voice activated products.

  • updated echo speakers x 2
  • echo buttons
  • echo spot
  • echo connect
  • echo show (now available in U.K.)
  • BMW partnership to put Alexa into some BMW and mini

It also announced echo calling to come to the U.K.

Huge product announcement for a surprise event, clearly a very different tactic to apples scheduled yearly events.

Anyone have any interesting opinions on

  • whether customers bite better at surprise or scheduled events relating to product launches
  • the Alexa ecosystem and whether it’s useful yet

My opinion is that

  • scheduled events drive much more hype and a marketing team can use them as serious fire power
  • I love voice controlled everything, but it’s still just not that good, and I’m hesitant to put a device into each room. Especially because you need to decide between the three major companies devices

”Alexa. How do I avoid driving whilst distracted?”


Did anyone experience this? :laughing:

I asked Alexa earlier to tell me about Monzo and she did.

I then asked her to tell me about Starling, and I had a swift moment of education surrounding birds.

I like her :sunglasses: