Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price


Am I the only one who couldn’t care less about all this AI crap? I really wish it wasn’t forced into everything these days… what next, an AI toilet brush?


I don’t mind it when it is actually AI. Right now most “AI” things are actually just regular tech things.

One of the worst is toothbrushes with AI to determine where you are brushing - it’s not AI doing this, it’s sensors in the brush and Bluetooth.


I’ve invented an AI number machine. You put numbers in to it, and you tell it what you want to do to those numbers, and it gives you a number that results.

I’m ready for my VC funding now.


No, no you are not :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve just ordered a travel book from Amazon. Judging by the “Products related to your shipment” list they don’t appear to have mastered algorithms yet.

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