Larger Balance Font

When the remaining monthly balance is disabled, the current balance looks very small in the middle of a load of white space.

Maybe the font could be slightly larger, as this is often the first thing I look at when opening the app, to fit better within the space.

Makes sense. Voted :+1:

I’m not, however, holding my breath.

But if I have £10M+ in my account I’m concerned the full balance won’t fit?


Simple improvement. I like it!

(I don’t have that much in my Monzo account, it’s all in the Caymans)

P.S. I voted too. A minor change but would be very useful.

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I find that I rarely need to look further than the first six digits tbf

If you would rather keep the current sized balance, this could be a bit of an undesirable change as it makes it easier for other people to see your balance if you are using the app around them (and most people probably want to keep it private).

I think a potentially better option would be to improve the app’s dynamic text support to allow the balance to “grow” in size if you increase your system text size.

This is definitely possible on iOS, but I don’t know enough about Android to know how feasible it would be.

The “standard” mode would then keep the text the same size as now.

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From the quoted thread above, even £10m would look good larger.

Yes, I didn’t centre it enough :see_no_evil:

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I’d love a bigger balance too :laughing: