Authorisation Hold

I had a large authorisation hold placed on my account for a purchase with Amazon, the order was subsequently cancelled but the hold was not released.

Amazon provided me an email stating the order was cancelled and gave me the auth number, I passed this onto Monzo help via chat, however the hold is still present.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the release of this hold?

Monzo support just keep saying they have referred this to a specialist team but cannot provide a timeframe or any detail into the process.
Support also tell me they cannot help with any further information

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It will come back automatically or support can do it for you. Those are your only two options.

Support cannot confirm or deny that they can remove the Auth even after providing evidence the funds won’t be collected.

If they don’t believe you’ve submitted sufficient evidence then you’ll need to wait for it to drop off automatically.

I have supplied the email from Amazon including the Auth code stating it will not be collected.

My issue is that customer support are unable to provide any info outside of standard boilerplate answers

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That’s easily doctored though.

Support definitely can do it for you. But you said it had gone to a specialist team?

Honestly that is an unhelpful comment.
Yes that is what they said but no insight or info on who, how what or when

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Surely if Amazon have confirmed the order is cancelled you should be pestering them to release the hold?

I have and they have stated that the hold has been removed given the order is cancelled

It’s fact, just not what you wanted to hear.

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How long has this been? Typically in cases such as this it can take a few days for the “pending” transaction to release, or not.

If you can wait a few days to see what happens next, and keep an eye on the chat, that’s probably the best thing to do.

Generally released automatically either day 7 or 30. No set agreements per merchants it’s just oddly one or the other.

Monzo can do it providing sufficient evident including order number, amount, clear email address/chat log provided from Amazon. Whether their internal policies mean they won’t do it is another.

Problem with monzo is their staffing vs inbound can be challenging at times, but they will get round to it.

30 days max it should release.


The timeframes are ludicrous, all evidence provided and yet they cannot tell you when it will be released and I have no options while they decide if they will look at this or not

@Dan5 anything else that can be done?

I think you’ve pretty much exhausted your options. Just have to wait.

Monzo used to be pretty good at releasing holds back in the day but with expansion it’s inevitable that they will be less active in doing so. Particularly around larger sums of money. Your case might be legit but with millions of customers now there will be some that are not.

Just keep in mind that this isn’t something a lot of traditional banks would even entertain doing - they’d simply say to wait for it to drop off. We have somewhat been spoiled by Monzo in them doing this sometimes.


Amazon are pulling your leg as the hold has not been released…

How can I prove that, I have now had that confirmed on 4 occasions

If they had released the hold, you’d have the money back. Them telling you they won’t collect isn’t the same thing.

There are 3 ways of you having your money back;

Wait for it to be automatically released
Amazon release it for you
Monzo release it for you

1 isn’t great. 2 isn’t happening by the sounds of it. 3 is what you’re waiting for a specialist to review.

Support used to be pretty efficient at reversing holds but now they prefer you to wait for it to drop automatically. I imagine they got a load of requests daily about it and as its something that reverses automatically usually within a few days but often within 7 they’d prefer not to use resources to do it. I have a fairly big amount pending on a Selfridges order that didn’t go through which I’m hoping reappears any day now too.