Laos - my card doesn’t work at the ATM

Hey Community

Can anyone please advise me why my Monzo doesn’t work in Laos? I tried to withdraw around £120 from a local ATM but no luck.

I’ve been travelling for a couple of mths & haven’t experienced any problems in other SE Asian countries.

Any advice welcomed


Have you tried turning the mag stripe on in your app settings?

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Hey Rob

Thanks for advice.

I activated it as soon as I realised that there was a problem but it still wouldn’t work.

Any other ideas?

Have a search here for Laos, seems to be a bit hit or miss, but if the decline isn’t showing in your monzo app then it’s an issue with the machine or bank, try a machine from a different bank if possible.

Hey Kolok

Thanks for your advice

My app says it was issued & refunded. I was thinking that it might be the banks ATM but have used it with my Starling card & that works fine.

It’s odd

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