Will my Mondo work in a Thai ATM machine

Hi Folks,

I am travelling to Thailand and ABU Dhabi later this week and had noticed on another thread that some users had experienced issues using their card in ATM machines abroad, more specifically the magstripe ATMs.

Can anyone advise if they happen to have used a card in either of these locations or if they are aware of the type of ATMs here, just wondering if my card will work.

Thanks :smile:

It’s just a mastercard, so will work wherever those work. I used my Revolut card in Thailand and didn’t have any problems (same kind of card). Watch out for the 200 baht withdrawal fees though!

Thanks, I hope all works fine. I had tad elsewhere that if they are the same type of machines as the USA the card will not work.

Re the charge is this dependant on the specific machine used?

I’ll keep you updated.

They seem to worked like the UK ones, chip and pin. There are a few distinct colours of ATM there, I stuck to to the light blue which had the charge (i assume for foreign cards), I didn’t consider 200baht was like £4 a go so didn’t try the others!

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