Landed in Netherlands but not given option to categorise spending as holiday

Has this feature been removed?

I’ve asked support but they don’t know!

Hasn’t worked for me on my last two trips.

I can still see the “Holidays” category

It’s been rubbish for me lately. Came up last week when I spent in Schiphol, categorised as Holiday and then it ended my trip when my easyJet transaction hit my account a few hours later. Boo.

There used to be an option to categorise all transactions as holiday when Monzo detected you’d fled the country. It came up with the “Welcome to…” message.

Finally got a response.

The feature has been removed.

That’s a shame, what a useful feature.


Are you sure? I was in Spain last weekend and it works.

It only appears when you’ve spent in the country. It used to track your location and show you a welcome message when you landed but I was aware only that part has been removed…

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I didn’t get the option in Germany a few weeks ago.


This is what support told me

That’s a shame. I really liked it, though it seemed to work intermittently - particularly if you used VPNs, which confused the app into thinking you might be back in the UK.

Oh man! I was looking forward to seeing how this feature worked when I go on holiday. Can’t believe it’s been removed :cry:

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@Rika or @HughWells or @BethS can you confirm this is definitely gone?

I’ve cancelled my holiday and won’t go on one until this feature is reinstated!

Who is with me? :rofl:


Still showing for me as of today.

Perhaps it’s an iOS / Android discrepancy.

I’ll check :eyes:

I’m not aware of this going but things change fast around here :sweat_smile:

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I think it may be a misunderstanding - it looks like this may never have been implemented on Android.

I don’t know the answer and I’ve been here a year and a half! :slight_smile:


Think this is it, I can’t remember ever having it in Android!