Holiday Mode

(Fer Saravia) #1

What do people think about having a Holiday mode? so that all the spending goes into the Holiday category? Otherwise I have to manually move everything after my trips.

Also about this, if I classify a purchase from store X (chain store) as ‘holidays’ because I purchased in a holiday City, it shouldnt start to automatically classify all my purchaes from store X into holidays when I am buying at my home city.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

It sounds like you might be catching a bug here because when you travel abroad you should receive a “welcome to x” notification with the option to categorise all of your transactions while you’re in that country as Holiday (or Expense) transactions.

Image from this blog post.

I can’t quite remember what happened for me last time I travelled but I assume that if you’ve done that, then once you get back, the categories revert back to normal.

I’m an iOS users btw so this may not be a feature on Android yet…I can’t see a blog post announcing them & there isn’t a card for this on the roadmap :thinking:

(Fer Saravia) #3

Aha! yea I am an Android User and did not see anything like that. Does it also detect if you go to another city in the same country?

(Patrick) #4

Android user here too. Just back from trip to various countries recently and I did get the “Welcome to X the exchange rate is Y” notification on first country only, but that is as far as I got. Actually tapping on the notification opens the app to the usual basic app, nothing special after that. I did get a similar welcome back home notification, no other notifications in between even though all these countries (in Africa) have different currencies.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Yes I’ve checked with Tristan (Monzo’s Product Manager for Android) & I’m afraid you won’t see the feed item - with the option to set the trip’s transaction’s categories - yet.

No it doesn’t :thinking: how would you use that functionality?

(Fer Saravia) #6

I see.

Looking at the image you posted, I would be able to choose to get all my purchases into the “Holidays” or “Business” category if it detects the new city (in the same country). It just wouldn’t show the exchange rate because its still the same currency.


You can go on holiday within the same country. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Tom ) #8

“Staycation” category? :uk:

(Lewis Marshall) #9

Another android user here, just reclassified a while hoot of transactions… Any idea when this feature will arrive for Android?