Labs Feedback: Summary 📊

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #687

I use an iPhone and that’s how it’s always looked. What has changed for you?


I pointed this out to the team this week. They’re aware. It’s just not that easy to fix!


How can you edit payees? Think I’m on latest update?

(Paul) #690

First wage goes in this Friday. Can’t wait to try out the new summary!


This doesn’t work for me :thinking:


Are you on the latest Android beta? I think it’s only on there for the moment.


Ah apoglies thought it was iOS

(Stephanie) #696

Would be really handy to be able to set the date the month starts manually for the Summary page (rather than having to do it automatically based on the date I get paid). I get a student stipend, which usually gets paid early on the 24th of the month- however this is not always guaranteed, so I stick to the ‘official date’ of the 1st of each month for my budgeting.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #697

I can’t see what’s imperfect??


@Jami Is it possible to manually change the start date for summary? I got paid early last month, so it thinks my summary should start from today rather than 23rd? Do I need to wait till the 23’rd and then change it once the payment goes in?

(Michael) #699

Yes, change it when you get paid.


Thanks, its a bit of a pain I can’t just manually select a day and have to wait for my salary payment to come in


So loving the new spending layout! It’s a lot more informative and therefore useful, however no transactions appear for me to select when to start the month? I presume that the payments don’t hit an amount threshold as i don’t have my salary paid in, but instead I pay in an ‘Allowance’ every month on the same date (which I would like as my start date).
I understand that you wan’t to convince people to pay their salary to Monzo, but this feels like you are trying to force it on users and not letting them use features unless they do. Either this was deliberate or a massive over complication of just allowing a user to select a day of the month.

(Michael) #703

@Jami With the latest TestFlight release, is there anything in particular relating to the Summary page that’s new?

(Nick Sparks) #704

It’d be useful if direct debits showed up under the committed spending tab on the new graph! I know they can change amounts by nature (PayPal for example), so it’d be nice to pick an amount either from the average spend or the last spend (e.g. your phone bill has increased this month)

(Tom ) #705

Hey Nick :wave:

I’ve moved your post here so that the team can see feedback on Summary in one place.

Direct debits will be making their way into committed spends :soon:

(Colin Robinson) #706

When I spend over my target I’d like to see something better than a black dot - maybe fill the whole bar red? Or make it slowly move to the right the more you are over target?

See the Eating Out category above.


It would be good to be able to set the end date differently (ie I get paid the last Xday of every month) rather than assuming a 1 month cycle? 5 week months mean you’re out of sync! Love the new layout however

(Stephen) #708

Agreed. I get paid on the 20th but if that falls on a weekend, I get paid the Friday before. Custom dates / logic would be great.

(Alex) #709

Another little bit of UI feedback on the targets bar within a category. Firstly, no colour until it’s red has definitely decreased utility as now it’s just black until suddenly red. And it’s just not helpful if that very small gray bar is meant to indicate when I would be in red(?) as it’s barely even visible and doesn’t do anything to indicate that at all really. Hoping that these can be as useful as targets used to be one day?

Or could we get an explanation of why the monochromatic look has any value over the previous traffic light system?