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(Colin Robinson) #714

This is what I see:

(Andrew Schofield) #715

New users are being given summary by default, or at the very least there is some A/B testing going on. They won’t see the option in labs.


We’re gonna need some new stuff to test! :wink:


I really like the design of the summary screen but it would be useful if there was an option to set the wheel to represent an overall target (like there used to be) OR your salary ‘left to spend’.

As a student the left to spend wheel is pretty useless at the moment and being able to set a target would make it useful again and also possibly help cater for all the other users with unusual pay schedules without over-complicating the salary stuff.

Sorry if this has already been mentioned elsewhere - this is a pretty big thread!

(Tim Banting) #718

liking the summary. However, when I look at the monthly bar charts its a bit odd. I saved money in a holiday pot, moved it out, and then deleted it. the month showed that I have -£500 pounds in there and the bar chart shows positive?

(Tim Banting) #719

A killer idea! From the summary screen provide a “sweep” option and the end of the month to put the balance into a nominated pot! :wink::bulb:

(Paul) #720

Yeah,I get paid on the 20th of each month so long as it falls on a week day. If it doesn’t I am paid on the first weekday before.

Bit of a downer thinking that it’s likely to be something Monzo can’t work in as I doubt many people will be the same!

(MikeF) #721

This scenario is already promised since it covers most monthly paid people. I’m not so sure about the last Xday of the month though, it depends of the ‘float’ they add in to cover the weekend type variation case.


I love the idea. But I think the following could be improved;

  • The prompts make little sense. ‘You might run out of money’. Balance = £0.00. I did already!

  • The design is awful. Too many colours!

  • People get paid in different ranges; daily, weekly, monthly, etc. And even then payments change due to a weekend or bank holiday.

  • I kind of miss the old target, I think elements of that previous design worked better.


Hello @Melton

There is a minimum transfer of £200 required. If it’s any less than that you can’t pick it for your monthly start date right now :pensive:

We are continually iterating though!

(Eirik) #724

It may or may not have been mentioned, but the black status bar for targets (Letting you visually see where you are in a catagory relative to your spending) looks like a glitch when it’s black. The rest of monzo is lively and beautifully colored. The black just looks like it hasn’t successfully loaded the color. Even grey would look better, if you want to avoid over doing the colors.
Also, on the dial i would find it useful if you showed the average money per day i have left to spend for tge rest of the month (money in account/ days left) i know i can do it myself - and currently that’s what i do. But i know what, roughly my daily spend should be. So i can correct myself based on that metric. ( this is ofc only useful after bills etc have been taken off)


So then - now that everyone has Summary, what’s next for Labs?!

(Jack) #726

My guess is that summary will stay in labs for a bit longer for us to try out further changes as it’s consistently being improved on.

Always up for new things though :grin:

(JoeO) #727

By the way -
I know the subject of a watch app keeps coming up but I think that the info displayed in the summary screen would lead itself very well to a screen on the watch app. Being able to glance at your watch and check your financial state without having to pull out phone, navigate to, and open, the Monzo app would be great!

And I’d like to add another vote to showing average money available per day as it gives a good quick indicator of how you are doing.

(Alex) #728

I was thinking this the other day too. Would love to be able to quickly check my remaining safe cash for the month and having a screen with the circle on, and then swiping left to reveal more detailed stats from the summary screen, would be perfect for a watch app.

Add a “Pay” screen and you’re good to go - nobody wants a transaction feed on their wrist, do they?


I think maybe I’m missing the point a little bit with using a transfer as the start date.

Suggested alternative. Select change date, a calendar pops up. The user then manually selects all known payment dates. Is this not the obvious solution, solves issues with payments on different dates and different use cases?

(Jami Welch) #731

We’re working on a different approach at the moment. We used the transaction as a quick MVP shortcut, but it’s clear it doesn’t work for everyone. Watch this space!

(Jami Welch) #732

Thanks to all of you who have tested Summary and given us feedback so far. We’re now at a point where we think Summary is ready to be enabled for everyone. That’s not to say we’re finished! at the bottom of this post is a list of what we’re working on right now, to improve Summary further.

Now that Summary is leaving Labs, we’re going to close this thread. We’ve set up a general feedback thread, which you can find here.

Here are some of the improvements we’ve made over the last couple of weeks:

  • We’ve adjusted the thresholds for when your Summary status goes from green to orange to red. We heard from a lot of you that you were being warned prematurely, especially early on in the month. This should feel a bit more realistic now.
  • We also changed the logic that decides whether or not to show a description of your current status. Sometimes it’s too early to know if you’re going have money left over or not.
  • We added a time ticker to your target progress bars, to see if your ahead or behind your monthly budget, and highlight targets that are about to run out by changing the bar red.
  • We stopped showing you the ‘Add your salary!’ message if you have eligible transactions to change you month’s start date.
  • We’ve added Transaction export, which now works with the custom start dates of each month.
  • At the end of each month we’ll send you a report giving you a summary of your Summary :slightly_smiling_face:
  • We added some more points to the onboarding tour, introducing targets, and excluding transactions.
  • We made sure that a negative starting balance is clearly negative.
  • We fixed up bugs where some transfers would be counted twice towards your Income
  • We fixed a bug where you could end up with short, 1-3 day long months.

As a recap, here is what what the current version of Summary includes:

  • Income, Spending, Committed Spending, and Pots summaries
  • Your monthly starting balance listed under Income (we heard this location doesn’t quite make sense, we’re yet to find a better home for it though!).
  • Calculation of ‘Left to Spend’ which takes your balance and deducts upcoming bank transfers
  • A dial which shows how much your your ‘spending money’ is left, compared to how much time is left each month.
  • The ability to start your current month from a recent deposit over £200 (more flexibility coming soon!)
  • The ability to exclude large one-off payments from your Spending section, targets, and daily budget calculation.
  • Categorising inbound Monzo-to-Monzo payments will now credit the same spending category, to handle people paying you back for things.
  • Spending Targets for each category
  • Target-aware notifications and monthly reports
  • Transaction export

What’s yet to come

Whilst we feel like Summary is an improvement over the previous version of Spending, there’s still lots we can do to make it better! Thanks to the feedback we received from you, we’re currently working on the following:

  • Predicting Direct Debits and Subscriptions, as part of your Committed Spending
  • Setting an overall spending budget each month
  • Clearer design for the Pots section
  • More flexibility over when your month starts and ends.

Look out for some sneak peeks soon for more details.

Thanks again, and happy budgeting!

We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)
(Jami Welch) #733

TL;DR - here is your new home for feedback.

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