Labs Feedback: Summary 📊

Okay so I like summary but a couple of things aren’t working properly as I have an overdraft.

  1. it says my starting balance was £400, when in fact it was -£400.
  2. As I am utilising the overdraft it doesn’t give a good representation of my current months spending and when I’ll run out of money. It says I have £0 to spend, I think this figure should be available balance rather than actual balance, or have the option to toggle between.
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Thanks Eoin,

1 - this will be fixed in next week’s releases
2 - This we know needs improvement, it’s on our list to make Summary work better for those using their overdraft.


I love the new payment summary, it has a lot of potential.

I would like to separate the money for my Direct Debits and Standing Orders out so it is kept safe and not shown on my free available money balance, so it would be good to protect the money you need.


Hi there

Just been checking out the summary tab a bit more. Not sure for me if offers anything more than what the spending tab previously offered, but I would definitely like to see one thing added if this is going to become the standard.

The share icon to get your transaction list instantly and share is not there when summary is on. It is when summary is off and you just get your normal spending tab.


Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but the “Committed Spending” section isn’t working for me. Have 3 direct debits setup which have been taken out already this month but it’s not showing up.

Committed Spending isn’t pulling in Direct Debits yet. We’re starting work on this next Monday!


Is that the 21st or 28th :wink:

Ooh, exciting!

I get this too, I think its because its technically no longer committed, its been used/concluded for the month… which does sort of make sense.

This thread is sort of long now :sweat_smile: so this may have been something already discussed but I can’t find it, so here goes:

I’d like improved handling of “shared” spending… because that totally makes sense on its own right?

What I mean by this is, if I do the lunch run, I spend about £50 and then I do a Monzo request to let people easily pay me whatever it cost for theirs. Problem is the full £50 is still marked against my grocery category for the month, which isn’t technically accurate.

One way to deal with this might be to allow us to put incoming payments into categories, so you get
+£x-amount back into it, thus equalising the amount left to spend.



I have several cases in my feed of transactions that have been authorised and then reversed by Monzo because they weren’t presented within 7 days. In all these cases I expect they will be presented eventually, but due to the reversal it looks like the funds are available again in my account. While I can see there are cases for wanted to reverse a transaction that is unlikely to be presented, to release the funds, this messes up budgeting via the spending tab if it happens automatically for transactions that will eventually be presented.

In my case I have around £300 worth of such authorisations that have now been reversed, and with a few days to go before the end of my pay month this has a significant effect as I need to manually account for them potentially being presented any day.

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@bplatt this is being done by another bank - Help section has a good explanation on this check that in this thread;

Yes it’s a pain that this has happened :disappointed: fortunately it’s the first time in the past couple of years that I’ve heard of such a widespread issue happening.

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Aha thanks - I missed that thread and I see that Lloyds is implicated there. Indeed one of my transactions is a card payment made to Amex who are processed by Lloyds. Hopefully this gets cleared up soon.

So with the new beta update I can now remove payees (woohoo) but now this happens on Summary(when it was perfect before):


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I covet your green dial.



That’s how it looks on iPhone 5s.
Do you have a smaller screen on your device?

Looks like you’ve got loads of cool features on that update.

I’m not jealous… :nauseated_face:

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I use an iPhone and that’s how it’s always looked. What has changed for you?

I pointed this out to the team this week. They’re aware. It’s just not that easy to fix!

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