Labs Feedback: Pots Goals 🍯 🎯

(Amy) #102


Thank you! How come I don’t have that option?



(Is Santa here yet?) #103

Go to labs on your profile settings and enable it (I forgot it was a labs thing not a full release :see_no_evil:)

Account >Profile> Monzo labs

(Matt McSherry) #104


This is my second month as a Monzo customer so practically everything is new for me, however I specifically wanted to let you know about how Pot Goals™ have helped me.

I’m taking my elderly mother to Holland for a few days in September and from a standing start I’ve been able to budget and pay for pretty much everything. Rather than having lists or notes I created a pot with a goal for each component for the trip.

Train tickets pot - tick emoji: hotel pot: patlrtially ticked emoji…

I’ve been able to forecast how much I needed to spend for each part, fill a pot for it over two months and pay for the component of the holiday and knownts all looked after

I know how much I have left to pay for the final bits and all that without having to think “I need to make sure I don’t spend this”.

I have had a couple of occasions when a pot is around 50% full but the bar shows more like 80% but that’s sporadic.

I’d love to have the ability to set a pot with a goal of say £100 and a target of say two weeks so my pot could tell me how much I need to save each week. That would be great.

Really enjoying this feature very much. I’ve never had so much money left over each month th AND im paying for a holiday for two people!!!

(Jack) #105

Great feedback @MattMc I hope you have a lovely time on your trip :slight_smile: :netherlands:


I guess we can lock this now. Now that Pots Goals are out of Labs.

(Andy) #108

This is now rolled out. Will leave it to :monzo: if they want to lock!

Pots Goals are now out of Labs!

(Richard Cook) #109