Labs Feedback: Pots Goals 🍯 🎯

Me? :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s enabled haha - already posted a few things about it above :wink:

But upon the creation of a Pot there’s no option to choose a goal amount, you need to go into the settings once the Pot has been created in order to set a goal - a process which should be doable from the initial Pot creation (IMO) :smiley:


Yeah it’s missing in goal creation on iOS too

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(This can all be done on Android version 2.7.0 - if you’re on the Beta version then you’re already set and ready! :wink:)

If you’re not on the Beta, get involved (optionally) haha, can sign up here :smiley:

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Runs and hides

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Love this feature. Could be improved with the percentage on the progress bar, that would make it perfect for me!


Bug report on latest iOS testflight (2.7.0)

I can add goals to existing or recently created pots, however I can’t add to new pots :frowning:

Loving all these pot improvements this week! When are we getting custom pot images though? :wink:

Would be nice if you could transfer money between pots too without clogging up your feed, e.g A generic roundup pot I might want to move to a holiday savings pot when I get to £10


Just enabled it in labs will see how it fairs always wanted a feature like this a nice % percentage showing would be great as well as let’s say push notification when you’ve hit or might reach the goal sooner than expected.


Just switched mine on would be great like others have put about having a % value or even the bar having a colour staring on red when going to Amber then green when you have reached your goal or some other variation I think a notification would be great when you have competed your goal or have for half way etc


What is with the black colour scheme? What happened to red, orange and green?

Especially with summary, everything is black and then hits red until you hit 0. What’s up with that.

Red, yellow and green made so much more sense.


I just set it up, I like this.

Is it me or does the pot name get really small when you add a Goal? :thinking:

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It’s just you :wink:

Not really, you’re right it does.

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Just checked, it’s a slightly smaller font size when a goal is in place.

Edit: Oh, @alexs got in before me!! :rofl:

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I’ve just tried this out, there wasn’t much of a ‘celebration’ (or anything else to let me know) when I added enough money to reach my goal to the Pot :man_shrugging:

Once you reach your goal, we’ll let you know so you can celebrate!

From the blog post.

The brighter goal bar section looks a little bit odd when it’s overlaid on top of the pig artwork in my opinion but that’s not a big deal!

This is so simple but so good to have though :hot_coral_heart:

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If it’s not a fly-by from the Red Arrows, what IS the point?!


Haha! I would prefer if it kept the original font size, as it blends in too much with the size of the 'of £100 goal" at the moment. :blush:

It would be a good feature if you haven’t put money into the pot in a while to get a notification on the main page. Something like “You haven’t added to your pot in a while, would you like to contribute something now?”

Just as a causal reminder to keep striving for the goal.

Love Monzo, love the future!


Isn’t that what scheduled payments is for?

I really wouldn’t like that tbh, it’s pot shaming :see_no_evil:


Not everyone can afford to put a consistent amount into a pot every month. But, a little reminder to put something in rather than nothing I would find would be helpful. I’m not saying you have to be shamed into saving, but if you serious about saving, you’d want that little push to make you reach your goals.

I can’t seem to enable this in Monzo Labs running on iOS. When I toggle the option on it just goes off again :thinking: It appears in my summary as having enabled but no option to set goals on my pots :sob: