Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

I would certainly expect there to be a joint account closure process and I would certainly expect the customer support to be aware of it.

I’m going to leave the conversation now, otherwise this conversation may turn sour.

I’m really glad you’ve never made a mistake in life mate. You are really lucky.

Absolutely - that’s a bit of a misstep


I tried changing my account profile picture but the picture for the joint account didn’t change and there doesn’t seem to be an option to change it, I don’t know how I feel about my profile picture being stuck on Bob the drag queen for the next 10 years.

Can a Joint Account only be 2 Users?

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At the moment, yes.

Sounds like there may have been more thought into more than 2 users, but that will be some way off (if it ever gets implemented).

I suspect ‘Shared Pots’ (similar to PayPal’s pool feature) would solve most of the need for a joint account for more than two people. Although I could be wrong!

Although it would be interesting to see how Monzo would handle a joint account for 3-4 people!


Monzo need to make the financial association more clear on sign up. People won’t read the T&C’s in enough detail. Key points need to be told separately.

Take it slow people there’s no rush. Don’t sign up just to be the one to play with something new unless you know the implications. I know it’s easy to get excited and keen. I appreciate some stuff can accidentally be overlooked :slight_smile:

I won’t be signing up. Don’t need a joint account yet. I still like to read this thread and see how it works though.


I see the limits for abroad atm use are per user. Is this also the same for all other limits such as outbound transfers?

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This may be true for a general feature, but this particular feature was provided through Labs. It’s an early test version, should be considered beta - possibly even alpha - and therefore there shouldn’t be the same expectation on customer support to be 100% up to speed with it, or indeed, all associated features to be 100% built already.

I sympathise with you to some extent, but equally this is clearly a test feature and your expectations of the feature are that of a full feature, so there is a mismatch there between what is actually provided and your expectations.

That said, it’s possible, if not probable, that you’re not going to be the only one who signs up to a joint account in haste, so hopefully Monzo will keep your experience in mind and either alter the sign-up flow to make things clearer, and/or account for people who might feel they were too hasty and want to close a joint account after sign-up and before it gets reported to credit reference agencies.


Shared pots with a number of Monzo users will be a great solution for those situations where a join account isn’t entirely the best option.

Looking forward to their development and release :clock230:


Something that I’m struggling to find, that I thought would have been an obvious thing, is a way to move money between your joint and personal accounts without needing to faff about with account numbers and sort codes. Is that something that’s in the pipe?

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Yes! It’s super simple and already available.



Haha, how did I manage to miss that? I swear I was looking all over the place, but for some reason didn’t think to check the payments tab.


runs away


Me and my fiancée got ours setup as soon as I got home and looking forward to getting the card.
I hope the card is sufficiently different in colour/design.

One question that was brought up at the Labs event was about Support Tickets that are created by one person being visible to the other, I know this may be difficult to implement, but I definitely think it’d be a great idea for transparency with both people. Or at least to email the transcript of Support Tickets.


It is :slight_smile:

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Tim, one of Monzo’s engineers from the live event yesterday, said that they’re sure they’ll stick with the decision to not have both parties see support tickets on joint accounts.

I personally think this decision is wise, centered around the notion that if one partner was being abused by the other and needed help from Monzo, they’ll feel safe knowing they can talk with their bank without the risk or retaliation or harm.


That’s a completely fair reason.
I was looking at it from the point of view of issues, but nope that works for me.

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+1 for separate tickets here. it might be nice to have a CC in option to allow your joint account holder to be copied on tickers on an on demand basis but definitely not for all tickets by default.