Killing the golden goose?

I wasn’t kidding, I really see them everywhere. And am also an alpha user. The most prominent place is definitely rush hour on the tube - everyone with their card out in hand. It’s definitely in many hundreds. Which isn’t surprising given the number of users Monzo has now.

I joined Monzo a few weeks ago and I can honestly say that i had never seen a Monzo card. Until my card arrived i did not even know what colour it would be.
I found out about Monzo a few months ago when it was mentioned in an news article.
Must be a city thing, in the Forest of Dean commuting means driving your car and where i work there’s nowhere to grab lunch etc from, if you dont bring it, you dont have it so no chance of seeing other people flashing a card.
Love the look of the Plus card, would definitely upgrade if Plus was available for joint accounts

This - it’s only a “golden goose” if you live/work in London, really.

For the rest of the UK (which exists…) I can honestly say that out and about (I live in a rural area) and travelling for work I rarely see a Hot Coral Card.

For me, this isn’t something Monzo should prioritise

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The continued preoccupation with card colour ought to be a disappointment to the bank. Fine, it was a selling point back in the day, but it should long ago have become peripheral to the feature list.

It may say something about the customer base, but I’m not sure what…

Monzo has continually failed to deliver a credible current account which stands up to scrutiny. There has never been a real focus on a coherent product, demonstrated by the column inches given over to “getting paid a day early, the ever circling Plus list, and card colour.

(Oh, and I think the egg was golden, not the goose :flushed:).

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Eh? Monzo has the best current account out there - unless your definition of “credible current account” is some horrendous of melange of useless bolt-on insurance products.

Fascinating to see how you arrive at that assessment. :thinking:

I don’t rate them on what’s bolted-on, but on the features of the account itself.

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Care to be more precise about which features make it not


To be fair, you’re the one claiming it’s the best out there. Shouldn’t take long for you to justify it.

The main point of the forum is getting useful feedback to Monzo. Apparently you feel Monzo isn’t providing a useful current account. Why not say why and perhaps you’ll make a difference (however small) to the product?

That’s one objective of the forum. If it were the primary reason, there’d be more input from Monzo.

Not my job to advise Monzo on what it should do to improve. There’s plenty of that to be found on this forum.

It was your assertion that it’s the best current account out there that peaked my interest :thinking:. That would be interesting to read…

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I always love seeing two sides arguing on the forum while both refusing to provide actual arguments.

If you say Monzo can’t provide a credible current account, the burden of proof is on you to substantiate your claims.

Similarly, if you say Monzo are the best, you have the burden of proof to evidence this.

So as not to be pointless, here are my views:

The good;

  1. Seeing direct debits and credits days early serve as useful reminders especially if I need to transfer some money
  2. The built in bill splitting and shared tab features make it easy to pay and be paid by other Monzo users

The bad;

  1. Payee management otherwise is appalling and should be thrown in the bin and redone completely
  2. Enriched merchant data is inconsistent and people feel the need to ‘correct’ it all the time (word applied very loosely)
  3. The budgeting features are fairly basic and are therefore useless to me

The ugly;

  1. iOS and Android feature parity

At the end of the day, despite some shortcomings, Monzo can provide the experience in a consistent package and their app is much easier to use than any other banks where I have to wait days for things to load


it’s best not to feed the trolls, however clumsy they are in their trolling :wink: .

  • Pots
  • Bill Pots combined with Salary Sorter
  • Merchant Data
  • Best app experience (by far)

Your turn. In what ways is Monzo not a “credible current account?”

Bear in mind you’ll also have to explain how so many people are using Monzo as their primary current account.

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Do you know, I think “credible” is the wrong term. My apologies (broad shoulders and all).

Ignoring, then, that sentence, I really do stand by the rest of the post.

But I guess this is ultimately subjective. The Monzo account is more about the community than any other bank. The importance of that shouldn’t be lost.

So “the best account” reference surely includes that as a feature.

(It’s still the egg that’s golden, though :joy:).


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