Keyboard configuration when sending money on iOS

When I send money to people and add a comment I don’t seem to get the little bar at the top of the keyboard which suggests words/emoji’s. It’s quite noticeable as every transaction needs at least one emoji :grimacing:, and I’m a big fan of using the suggestion bar for this. Just wondered if this was done for a reason or something in the pipeline?

Hey @aeroc!

Just checked this with @jgarnham – saw that I had the same issue on my phone too. My predictive toggle doesn’t work – are you seeing the same thing?

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This issue should be fixed in the next update (1.9.2) which will be out later this week. Sorry about that! You’ll be able to much more easily type those requisite emojis very soon :smiley:


Yep I’m seeing exactly that @Zainab! Thanks for clarifying @jgarnham, looking forward to the update! :facepunch: