iOS emoji suggestions missing


When tagging transactions on the iOS app, emojis have stopping being suggested as replacements for words being typed. E.g. typing coffee would suggest the coffee emoji :coffee:.

Emoji suggestions still work in all my default iOS apps and also in every other 3rd party app I have tested bar Monzo.

First screenshot is of the issue in Monzo.
Second screenshot (which I took in messages app) is the expected behaviour where the emoji suggestion is offered above the keyboard.

**Details to reproduce: type any word which is replaceable with an emoji when tagging a transaction.
**OS: iOS 12.0.1
**Device: iPhone X
**App Version: 2.18.0

(Andy) #2

This is because Monzo has changed the keyboard to iOS twitter keyboard layout which brings the @ and # up front

(Colin Robinson) #3

Works ok on 12.1


Cool hopefully when 12.1 is out of beta it’s back to normal then :blush:

(Colin Robinson) #5

@monzo2018 fingers crossed, just need someone else on 12.0.1 to confirm it’s generic issue and not something specific to your device?