Curve Community Page now look just like Monzo

just got email from Curve to new Community page to find it looks just a bit like Monzo

Both Curve and Monzo use a service called Discourse to host their communities.

Freetrade and Dozens use the same thing and are similar to some degree.


thanks for info

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Also Revolut and Tumelo. It’s the Fintech community of choice


every days a school day… thank you for info


That’s a new one to me…

(Frantically googles)

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Think Tumelo was due to launch this month

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I heard weird things about Tumelo, more like Revolut than Monzo :rofl:

What weird things?

I met one of the founders on a meetup, he seemed to bossy to me, the way he speaks about “his” employees or how hard they work. It reminded me of Revolut’s CEO, nice company on the outside (marketing and communications), classic financial company on the insides (piramidal structure)

But I have not enough information, so maybe I’m wrong.

Thanks! Not the impression I got from the staff and their product is still at a very early stage but haven’t seen a hint of pyramid structure. Something to watch

Just a pretty standard Discourse forum layout, really.

Aside from that, we know their Community Manager, Marie, and she’s awesome :grinning: We chatted a lot with her at our last Open Office. We wish them the best with their forum!


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