Android App Security & Total Spent Per Day 6

it would be ideal if you could upgrade android app a lil bit better , as iPhone app uses fingerprint scanner to access the app and on android no security at all . also it would be good if you could actual select the dates on the app and sows you all the transactions and how much you spent on that day , coz it only shows you on the current date not previously

I have the Android app and it shows previous days not just current

@anon44204028 I think they meant a total for each day. You can scroll down all your previous transactions, but if you want to know how much you spent last Thursday you have to scroll down and do a spot of mental arithmetic.

@alessvuitton the Android app is under active development. I agree that it’s quite poor right now, but I tend to think that there is a reason my card says “BETA” on it. If you look here you’ll get a rough idea of what they are working on.

What would be very helpful is a feature matrix comparing Android to IOS. That way Android users would know what to expect.

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Thanks for the clarification @Andy1

Here’s why the total spent per day amount isn’t visible in the app at the moment & how you can get to that figure (the Pulse Graph is on the roadmap & is due :soon:) -