Keep old cards active

Every tine I lose my card, or get a new one (Monzo Plus), I’m having to go around changing all my payment details on every site - Amazon, Paypal etc.

Maybe if a card is lost or classed as no longer in use, it should still work to allow online payments by retailers already known to that card - and therefore stop all the messing about.

there’s an option in labs that inform some businesses about your new card, and i don’t think keeping old cards active just in case someone knows your card details can easily use them

Or you could use a virtual card (from Plus) for such things?

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Do you know which businesses receive/act upon the notification for the labs option? I’ve had it turned on for a year with probably around 3-4 new cards, but always find myself having to change everything manually when payments fail and subscriptions auto-cancel.

The idea was that if for example you lose your card (or get a new one, eg Monzo Plus), you don’t have to worry about having to mess about changing everything all the time. Using a virtual card would solve this problem, but would still need the user to change details to a virtual card for it to work.

Well yes, but it’s a pain point you will experience at some point, you are just deliberately choosing when.

i only know about nowtv at the moment but it’s still in labs so maybe they still working on that