Hello everyone,

I’m a long time Monzo user but new to the forum (as a poster).

I see a lot of people suggesting a web app/ improve the current web access offering and this made me think that if you were to make a decent web application it could easily be then be used as an app in KaiOS. Monzo in KaiOS is certainly something I’d be interested in but not sure how much desire there is the wider community - interested to hear what others think?

This is probably one of those things where we’ll say not in the UK, but perhaps if/when we eventually move into markets where KaiOS is used by a much larger percentage of the population.

It’s a huge investment to build, and we would not be able to offer anywhere near the same features we do to iOS or Android. Most KaiOS phones in the UK and US are from Nokia, with their unsubsidized prices comparable to a reasonably low end Android device.

If we were moving into somewhere like India or Africa (taken from the KaiOS website as two of their main markets), it would make a lot more business sense to think about. Until then or unless something changes in the US/UK markets, it’s not too likely. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re more likely to get a mobile-optimised web app before this

Thanks for the replies.

AFAIK KaiOS ‘apps’ are more or less web apps. So this would effectively open it up to a new platform. But I don’t know how likely a feature rich web app from Monzo is, from looking at the forum there does seem to be some minority desire for it.


Yeah html5 basically.


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