K-Ring integration?

(James Smith) #1

I’ve ordered Kerv contactless payment ring (from Kickstarter), and while I’m looking forward to getting it for the convenience on buses etc, I am really loving the Mondo experience. Any plans to work with other contactless providers to integrate the services?

Sim sized second card to put in watch strap!
K Store | K Ring: the world's first Mastercard® contactless payment ring
Extraordinary ideas that only Monzo would try!
(tom) #2

Yes - I was just emailing with Phil, the founder of Kerv, actually. I’m not exactly sure what their plans are, but please put in a good word if you chat with them :wink:

(Matt Stibbs (#1195)) #3

I am a Mondo Alpha customer and also have Kerv rings on order - I think a tie-up would be excellent - some of the things Kerv are proposing to offer align very nicely with Mondo :slightly_smiling:

(Alexander Skeith) #4

I’ve got a couple of Kervs on pre-order… Integration with Mondo would make it a killer app in my opinion. I’m going to ask on their Kickstarter page.


I like that! Just pre-ordered one.

We need a heads-up section here for cool technology toys to get involved with!


My kerv is here Woohoo, kerv finally arrived and it is really fun to use. Would be fabulous if it could be integrated with Monzo for instant notifications and no need to top up.

(Rob) #7

Can Monzo colabarate with these guys?


(Herp Derp) #8

This is just a rebrand of Kurv


(Rob) #9

Any news if there are any plans to integrate with these guys?

(joel drew) #10

I’d be so keen :heart_eyes:


Being sent one of these to review - anyone have feedback? How well does it work with Monzo?



It doesn’t work with Monzo, it’s a prepaid ‘card’, you top it up and spend.


Can I remove money from it? So if I top it up, spend with it and then want to move the left over money back to my account?



If you have somewhere (like Starling) that will let you top up from a debit card you can use the virtual debit card associated with the k-ring.


Does Monzo not support this? I just don’t like the idea of having money I can’t move back to my account too much.



Monzo stopped allowing topups from debit cards a few months ago


Okay so when I put money on the ring I won’t be able to transfer it back? Sorry for the stupid questions.

Edit: Contacted Monzo and they said that I could use the monzo.me link maybe to move money from it into my account? Does anyone know if this works?



Am I reading this right in that there’s a £5 fee to close an account, and a £2/month fee for abandoned accounts?


Yep, looks like your right, after six months of inactivity. Also £5 every year after two years of having your account open, even if you use it.

Really don’t like the fee to close the account - makes me a little concerned, and the £5 a year to keep the account open after two years. Not a fortune but not a fan of that - I’ll definitely cover that in the review. Pretty big incentive not to use it.


At least it answers what you can do with any money left in the account when you’ve finished with it.