Contactless Ring

(Vedant Ruparelia) #1

What about introducing a contactless ring?
Recently when I was at work, someone just paid through hand and was wearing a ring, I just enquired that how did you pay, he said contactless ring.
Seems a cool thing.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #2

Hey :wave:

I think you might want to check out Kerv :wink:

It’s likely what you saw your colleague paying with :tada::money_with_wings::smiley:

(Vedant Ruparelia) #3

What about a special monzo one?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #4

Sounds nice! Not sure if it’s what Monzo are planning but I wouldn’t be complaining if Monzo, all of a sudden, launched a hot coral ring :wink:

It would be pretty cool hot (coral) :joy::hot_coral_heart:

What makes you want a Monzo specific one vs a Kerv? Just curious :smiley:

(Vedant Ruparelia) #5

It would be like the first digital bank providing this facility, kerv is like more generic but monzo ring would be more special and a bigger brand.

(Stephen Spencer) #6

Crosslinking with this thread is probably useful here, there’s already been a bit of discussion around this kind of thing


I guess the more we keep talking about it and keeping thread alive the more attention monzo will take . So please share your ideas here . I’m not a rings guy but I guess others are .

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #8

I doubt there’d be a special monzo one, but I’ve seen I’ve of these recently which connects to an app on the phone and can be programmed for anything from access control doors to bank accounts.

If anything, it’d just be permission to allow monzo to connect (probably through Apple/ Android Pay :joy:)


This is the one I saw. Requires fingerprint to unlock it too, and remains unlocked until it is taken off