Easy way to donate to charity

(Jason Yau) #1

How about an easy way to donate to charities, like a list that charities can sign up for which can be searched and categorized with summaries/more info for each charity?

I think I’ve seen something similar in Paypal or something like that.

(Jack) #2

I’d imagine this could fit well into monzo’s marketplace or by using IFTTT as a way to move certain pence of a transaction into a pot. This could then be paid to a charity all in one go.

I know people have mentioned charity payments on this forum in the past :slight_smile:


How will the list of charities be chosen?

I need to make sure the charity for my cat (and for my occasional Deliveroo) is included there too. :upside_down_face:


What about some sort of feature to easily donate to a charity of the month? Maybe we could vote for which charities are our favourites. I mean some sort of cat charity would generally win :cat:


Who would choose the charities that we can then choose from? What about a majority of the 700,000 users who are not on these forums? How do they choose? I donate mainly to the Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. Will it be on that list?

If people wish to donate to whatever charity, most charities have website which allow you to pay. Monzo need to focus on extending the functionality of the banking side of the app.

(Jason Yau) #6

I was thinking they submit an application to Monzo. Not sure how much oversight would be needed to stop the sham charities but I think it would be really awesome. You could allow things like round up donations.